Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1/9/2006 - Weedsport and Googlism

What fun to be in Weedsport, where the population (~2,000) is less than the population of the building I used to work in (easily 2,500). As you can imagine, the smaller the city, the less likely it is to find interesting links to in on the Web. However, I did find a website called "Googlism" which purports to being a way to find out what Google thinks about anything.

What does Google think about Weedsport?

"weedsport is the only village in brutus

weedsport is approximately 1996

weedsport is four miles east of bucksville and nine miles east of montezuma

weedsport is a typical example of the changes in business that take place over the years

weedsport is located in cayuga county 24 miles wo syracuse along highway 34 off i90

weedsport is a great place for a stopover or spend a few days with us as you visit the famed

weedsport is located in cayuga county new york

weedsport is still open to take care of us plain old sparrows

weedsport is an authorized dealer for commodore homes

weedsport is saved for a big four

weedsport is automatically sent to us here in wv

weedsport is not to be beaten

weedsport is a tradition for many dirt fans from years back

weedsport is the team to beat in the competitive class c west

weedsport is lim

weedsport is a small

weedsport is incorporated

weedsport is a village in cayuga county new york

weedsport is a good place to find homes for sale at a great price

weedsport is not yet listed

weedsport is a nice place to live"

It's a shame that weedsport remains unlisted, but I'm thrilled for those lucky folks in West Virginia. What does google think about me?

virtual tourist is 10 months old already (I'm quite prodigious)
virtual tourist is a member of the israeli the parliament (elected by the narrowest of margins)
virtual tourist is your average high school kid who loves blink (I'm a huge fan)
virtual tourist is planning on making this day (I was going to make last Thursday, but overslept)
virtual tourist is growing on me (Much obliged)
virtual tourist is a congo african grey parrot (Incorrect, I am mauve)
virtual tourist is the third in a series of c3 processors (No joke necessary)
virtual tourist is the son of god (The younger son -- the one you don't hear about much)
virtual tourist is dedicated to academic excellence (I'm pleased you noticed)
virtual tourist is collecting empty cartridges for the funding factory?s recycling program
virtual tourist is excellent all around (But needs to apply himself)
virtual tourist is our headlining band for the grand prix kick off concert (Playing the clarinet)
virtual tourist is my fruit of imagination (???)
virtual tourist is blessed with considerable talent (I'm blushing)
virtual tourist is like an old woman with his tales (Outed!)
virtual tourist is the jewish core in the novel
virtual tourist is the sharpest dresser of the bunch (Clearly incorrect)
virtual tourist is the son allah (You say po-tay-to)
virtual tourist is still extremely passionate about his sense of creativity and his city (Cambridge)
virtual tourist is living in a dream world just because virtual tourist's views are nothing short of diabolic (As you have doubtless already noticed)
virtual tourist is about to pay so dearly with his freedom (Nuts)
virtual tourist is huge (but I've lost 2 pounds)
virtual tourist is known for being cheerful and friendly in public (Thanks)
virtual tourist is not computer literate (As evidenced by his blog)
virtual tourist is an example of why we need a strong federal judiciary in hawaii (my sentiments exactly)

Oh, one more:

anwr is key to our national energy security
anwr is good for alaska 09/10
anwr is ignorant
anwr is america's best chance for a major discovery
anwr is not the answer"
anwr is the last pristine frontier in the united states
anwr is one vote short
anwr is unbearably cold and dark
anwr is the farthest north in north america
anwr is a symbol for how we view our wild lands
anwr is not dead yet
anwr is still untapped is absurd
anwr is unjustified and smacks of election year
anwr is a winnable issue
anwr is one of the largest refuges in america's national wildlife refuge system
anwr is a key point in the president’s energy plan
anwr is accessible only by aircraft
anwr is a slice of coastal plain the size of ireland
anwr is not only home to great caribou herds and other wildlife
anwr is the hottest issue going
anwr is roughly the size of south carolina
anwr is the calving grounds of the porcupine caribou herd
anwr is 19 million acres
anwr is just a frozen desert
anwr is needed
anwr isn't tapped
anwr is off the table
anwr is part of the national wildlife refuge system maintained by the us fish and wildlife service

I have spent entirely too much time on this post.

9,200 ill-conceived steps today. Cheers,


Anonymous wiffles said...

Okay, so Google is a. fun and b.not as helpful as one might think.


2:23 PM  
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