Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1/9/2007 - Of pinched nerves, Catholics and other sundries

I saw a susquatch today. Well, I thought I saw a susquatch. It turned out to be stump. But I definitely heard one yesterday. I'll keep you posted.

At rest

What I actually saw, today, was my PCP. He gave me the whole neurological exam and decided that I have a pinched nerve. I can believe it. I'm downing ibuprofen like pez, which seems to be having some effect, but would probably work better with more artificial cherry flavor. (That's flavour for my British readers).


In 1928, Alfred E. Smith (what, me run for office?) was the first Catholic to ever receive the nomination from a major party. It took absolutely no time for that campaign to slink into mud-slinging ugliness. Hoover's minions (possibly with no direction from Hoover himself) took it upon themselves to make it clear that Smith intended to:

* Abolish protestant marriages

* Install Catholocism as the State Religion

* Serve the pope first and America second

Crazy, huh? I wonder what kind of a reception today's Talk Radio would give the Democratic Nominee who happened to be an observant Muslim? -5 points to Hoover for allowing that to take place.

16,700 inchoate steps today. C-h-e


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