Tuesday, November 14, 2006

10/20-21/2006 - Duration Creep and the Holy Land

As all 8 readers of my blog know, I am big fan of podcasts. I listen to them during my commutes. I listen to them during my numerous walks. I even listen them while doing my chores at night --when the wife isn't around for pleasant chats (I promise). Because I have so many different ways of fitting in my Podcasts, I greatly appreciate that they are of varying lengths. I listen to my 10 minute podcasts when I only have 10 minutes and my 1 hour podcasts for the bigger walks.

One of the nice things about the podosphere (if such a term exists) is the lack of rules surrounding it. If you have a podcast, you get to set the format. When it airs, how often and, of course, for how long. If you have a good show, your fans will get there. Of course, if there are no rules, there's no reason why you couldn't expand the length of your podcast every now and then. This sets me into a tizzy, as it means that some podcasts which used to fit during my commute, no longer do.

Today's blog entry is about my favorite Podcast that has undergone "duration creep."

I found Israelisms while looking for political blogs one night. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I ended up growing quite fond of it. Charlie and Carol are a couple of Reform Jews living in Israel, having moved there around 10 years ago. She's a nurse, he's a stand-up (why are so many of my favorite podcasters stand-ups? Probably not coincidence). They do talk about politics, but mostly they talk about daily life, and the two are inseparable in Israel.

I like their podcast because they have a good rhythm. I also like it because I have family in Israel, and their podcast gives me a good flavor of daily life, that I sometimes don't get when visiting my family. Even better, my family in Israel is quite observant, so I like having a window into the less observant culture of Israel.

What I don't like about it, is that the duration has crept up.

There are close to 90 episodes available on their website by now, I started from the beginning and I'm up around 20 myself (psst: I got rid of my TV too, sort of). When I started, the average episode was around 25 minutes, just perfect for the trip home from work. By #20, they were up over 40 minutes. I generally have to pause the podcast when I get home and wait until after the boys are asleep to pick it up again. You can imagine my agony.

Oh, I almost forgot to say: I also like Israelisms because Carol is a huge basketball fan, and how else am I going get my news about Tel Aviv Maccabi? So Carol and Charlie, if you ever find yourselves in Boston, I promise to take you to a BC or Celtics game.

30,500 transatlantic steps over these two days. Cheers,


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