Sunday, March 05, 2006

2/22/2006 - I'd like to be under the sea

Technical note -- I am pretty sure that I have passed through one of my cities, but I will probably not blog it for a few posts, since I have other things on my mind. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I specialize in odd hobbies that can be done here and there on relatively little amounts of time. One involves birthday cakes. I have long enjoyed baking desserts, as I have a sweet tooth and enjoy the pride of accomplishment. Relatively recently, I discovered that one of my eldest's friend's mother had a skill for designing impressive birthday cakes. You know, the one that looks like a dress with a barbie in the middle, or a realistic 3-dimensional tyrannosaurus.

So I started hitting her up for tips and have recently delved into the hobby myself. My first attempt was a space shuttle, which looked accurate enough, but wasn't really impressive looking, partially because I ran out of frosting. Today I made an octopus, complete with 8 legs and smily face. It was impressive enough that the wife, who generally thinks this hobby is a bit silly, had to comment on the smiling cephalopod facing her in the fridge.

The only problem was that it tasted like, well, octopus. The cake was okay (as okay as can be when you have to avoid chocolate, eggs, milk, nuts, sesame and poppy, as I do). I should have baked it for a few more minutes, but that didn't really detract from the taste of the well baked part. The whipped cream filling wasn't horrible (rich's whip). It was the frosting which (a) had too much salt (hence the octopus like taste) and (b) had virtually no other taste. The wife and I are going to explore ways to spruce it up before my next attempt, which will be a zamboni for the Priest's son.

I only hope that it doesn't taste too much like zamboni.

10,800 tentacles today. Cheers,


Anonymous magid said...

Photos? Jpegs?

6:47 AM  
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