Thursday, March 30, 2006

3/15/2006 - The kindness of strangers in Henrietta

As some of my readers may remember, some time ago I passed through Henrietta where I discovered the RIT National Technical Institute for the Deaf. In looking through their website, I discovered 5 school sanctioned bloggers and asked them if they would be willing to share observations on the city and school.

Here's what I wrote:

Hello, I am the Virtual Tourist (link), just passing through Henrietta on my way from Cambridge, MA to Alaska. I was hoping that you could e-mail me something cool about NTID, something you wouldn't mind me posting on my blog.I've sent this e-mail to all 5 of the blogs hosted on the NTID website, but I'd be pleased as punch if I was able to combine several of your responses into a future post.Cheers,J. G. Fellow
And here's response #1 (from Josh):

Sure thing, Mr. Fellow. From the NTID web site: NTID is the oldest and largest technical college for students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. As of the 2005 school year, it had 1,256 students, including those in our interpreting program.Regarding Henrietta, I can only mention one thing - Henrietta Hots. Now, I have no idea where the Garbage Plate originated, but for all I know, it was spawned in the depths of Henrietta Hots' grill. This is the best late-night grease joint within staggering distance from RIT.Hope that helped!- Josh

And #2 (from Lizzie):

Hiya-Something cool about NTID... that's tough. I'm not exactly involved in NTID per se, just mostly the deaf community via my sorority. I'd have to say that the cool thing about NTID is its deaf community, especially how there's over 1,000 deaf students here (I don't know the exact figures) and that the community is very diverse, yet very open minded about each other. The social life at NTID is, in my opinion, the best part of NTID. There's so many clubs and deaf sororities/fraternities and yet, we're not even stuck in cliques at all. Hope this helps! Cheers.- Lizzie

Lizzie gets extra points for ending with the word "cheers," but Josh gets extra points for actually telling me where I can eat on my way back. Many, many thanks to both of you. Check out their blogs and the school's website in general.

Now some of you (and I won't mention any names) have risen to my "youngest blogger" challenge.

13,200 connected steps today. Cheer,


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