Friday, May 05, 2006

3/26/2006 - Final post on Detroit

I must admit that, for my final post on Detroit, I was planning on talking about the trouble that the Big Auto Makers have been experiencing with their finances.  I was going to talk about how the inundation of medical expenses that these companies were racking up was a microcosm of what all of us will be feeling over the next decade, as the cost of medical care rises and takes insurance premiums with it.  But then I remembered the following story:

A friend of mine had a business meeting in Detroit, so he flew in, rented a car and got to his meeting.  When the meeting was over, he came back to the empty space where his car had so recently been.  He was horrified.  He called the police with all the angst you can imagine in such a situation.  In an effort to restore decorum, the police officer turned to him and said

"Hey, this is Detroit.  Cars get stolen."

10,300 snitched steps today, Cheers.


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