Monday, March 06, 2006

2/25/2006 - Tillsonburg, ON

Tillsonburg is named in honor of George Tillson, who basically bought the land and turned it into a town. Tillson put in much of his effort developing the roads in the area. The town was incorporated in 1872 and Tillson's son, Edwin, became the first mayor. It has a lovely waterpark, a theatre and a business centre. It's almost 900 feet above sea level and has more than 100,000 citizens. I hope that I have more to say about Detroit when I get there.

Having run out of Tilsonburg anecdotes, I thought I would throw in a few notes from the surrounding environs, courtesy of this site.

Waterloo, Ontario - Known as "Silicon Valley North," Waterloo is the home of such technological powerhouses as "Research In Motion," better known for those guys who enslaved us through Blackberries. Waterloo also happens to be Mennonite Country.

Brantford, Ontario - Brantford’s famous citizens have included hockey great Wayne Gretzky, comedian Phil Hartman, and telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Bell worked on his famous invention at his family's home here at 94 Tutela Heights Rd, and he made the world’s first long-distance phone call from this location in August 1876. Gretzky clearly would have been better off if Bell had left well enough alone.

Sudbury, Ontario - Two kilometers beneath the surface of the earth, just 10 km from downtown Sudbury, scientists have set up a 10-storey observatory to study Neutrinos. I think that neutrinos are cool. One of these days I blog about particle physics. Why? I don't know.

Whitby, Ontario - This is where there used to be secret agent training camp called "Camp X." This happens to be the camp in which James Bond author, Ian Fleming trained. Nowadays, Camp X is marked a 17-acre waterfront park, presumably with neon signs.

18,900 cool steps today. Cheers,


Blogger Macaroni said...

Hey! Tillsonburg's population is actually just 15 000 not 100 000 . . . it's no London let me tell you!

4:37 PM  
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